About Us

With 25 years of dedicated excellence, KDK is a premier composites manufacturer. Our experienced team delivers cutting-edge solutions, redefining industry standards. We don't just build parts; we craft the future with decades of commitment to quality and innovation.

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  • +34 616433075
  • info@kdkomposites.com
  • Mon-Fri: 07.30 - 15.30
Our team

Meet our people

Introducing the heartbeat of our company: our dedicated team

Oscar Bustos

Founder & CEO, Team Leader

Nicolás de Paz

Sales & Operations Manager, Human Resources

Daniel Mortimer

Composites Specialist & Assembler

Fernando Prosperi

Composites Specialist & Carpenter

Pedro Murillo

Composites Technician & Welder

Juan Nevado

Production Worker & Logistics

John Spratt

Composite Specialist, Freelancer