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Providing solutions of every kind, start to end

Our team combines conventional and innovative materials and manufacturing techniques to reach excellence in composite production while staying price competitive. We produce a large range of high-quality composite parts in-house and at remote locations. With high flexibility and expertise, we are able to organize and fulfill long term projects as well, as to be reactive and adapt to a customer’s urgent needs.

Wet Layup

Simple, low-cost, open mold fabrication where the laminator manually mixes the resin and the reinforcement fiber.


Supply of large and small composite componentes in custom or serial production for racing boats and megayatchs

CNC Milling

Subtractive manufacturing process in which computer-controlled cutting tools progressively remove material from a workpiece in order to create a desired shape or object.


Vacuum pressure is used to drive resin into a laminate, achieving a better fiber-to-resin ratio and less wasted material


Composite parts used for both structural applications and components of all spacecraft and aircraft

CNC Cloth Cutting

Coming soon. We will soon be offering CNC cloth cutting services to our ever growing portfolio of services.


Pre-preg offer exceptional performance/reliability, part uniformity and repeatability, for use in multiple industries.


Fabrication of high strength and light-weight composite structures in multiple sizes, for use in infrastructures and constructions

Oven curing

Small and large capacity ovens with multi-ramp programming capability for composites curing processes.


During fabrication of composite products, vacuum is used to eliminate bubbles and thereby increase the material strength.


Custom or serial production of components for everything from supercars to small energy-efficient electric vehicles

Naval Design

From interior outfitting to complete superstructure designs, we provide a complete range of services to meet and exceed your requirements


Resin transfer moulding permits a best tolerance control, better surface finish gel and low pressure infusion operation


Composites training and consultancy services. We advise, train and perform projects to upgrade our customer's knowledge and performance


Using the best paint brands, our fully qualified paint application specialists offer a high level of expertise and service


We have all your needs covered

Our team has the know-how and the resources to tackle your next composite project. Get in touch and let us know about your requirements.

Our location

Our premises are located in Málaga (Spain), right in the heart of the Costa del Sol, with quick and convenient access to a major international airport, a cargo port and the national highway system.